9th Feb 2016

Our top 5 ads from Super Bowl 50

by: Mark Lowe

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Super Bowl 50 just happened and as always, there were some memorable ads, and clever uses of hashtag campaigns. Here's our Top 5 ads. 

Hyundai: Kevin Hart's First Date

This one made us laugh. Using one of the funniest men around, Kevin Hart, a hat-tip to Michael Jackson's Thriller, and Queen's Another One Bites the Dust as a soundtrack, we can't imagine how much this ad cost. But it definitely works - Car Finder will be remembered!


LG: Man From the Future 

Liam Neeson and Ridley Scott (executive producer) team up for this Tron-inspired commerical.


Apartments.com: #MovinOnUp

Jeff Goldblum, Lil Wayne and George Washington feature in this piece for Apartments.com. They are one of many publishers to use a hashtag, #MovinOnUp, alongside their ad, which you can see on their website. We assume they'll eventually include a social hub on their site but find it odd they didn't actually mention the hashtag on their ad.

Mini USA: #DefyLabels

Consumers tend to stereotype cars. So this edgy ad from Mini goes against that notion and uses the hashtag #DefyLabels, which is already trending on Twitter.


Coca-cola have even got in on the act:

Budweiser: #GiveADamn

Dame Helen Mirren delivers a strong but simple message: don't drink and drive. It's also backed up with a hashtag campaign, #GiveADamn

At the end of the end they present the hashtag and also the quite honourable "For every use of #GiveADamn, Budweiser will spend $1 on safe ride programs".

The on-an-angle product placement is also a nice touch.



Mark Lowe

Director of Liquid Agency