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🙌 Salesforce Admin - Managing Profiles Like a Pro!

03 May 2019 | 5 min read

🙌 Salesforce Admin - Managing Profiles Like a Pro!

Your business is growing. Sadia has just joined your company as a Senior Account Coordinator. This is a brand new position, and she will require a new Profile to be created from the existing Account Coordinator Profile (I’ll assume you’ve built a Profile before, but if you haven’t please follow along here).

It's time to show off your #AwesomeAdmin superpowers and help Sadia dive straight in to her new role.

Your CEO, Rada, wants Sadia to manage all Accounts instead of a subset. She’s also requesting that she take ownership of the Ideas Custom Object that’s been sitting dormant in your org for months. The previous Admin created a bunch of fields in Sandbox for the Ideas Custom Object and pushed them without setting the Field-Level Security, so even after granting Sadia access, she won’t be able to see the fields immediately. Sadia’s team (using a different Profile called Account Coordinator) will also need to see these fields.

So, there are three tasks:

  1. Grant Sadia the ability to see all Accounts.
  2. Grant Sadia access to the Ideas Custom Object.
  3. Amend the FLS on the Ideas Custom Object so the fields can be seen by Sadia and her team.

Permission: View All Accounts

The first requirement is to provide Sadia with the ability to see all Accounts. You have spoken to Rada (your CEO) and confirmed this is the case for any Senior Account Coordinator that will come after her as well, so you know the change should be made at the Profile level.

After you navigate to the Senior Account Coordinator Profile and click Edit, scroll down to the Standard Object Permissions section. You can see in this image that Read, Create, Edit, and Delete are switched on for the Profile, however due to your Organisation Wide Sharing this only applies to Accounts that are owned by the User (Private Sharing Model).

To allow the Senior Account Coordinator to see ALL Accounts, regardless of owner, you’ll need to tick the checkbox in the View All column.

Learn more about the View All and Modify All checkboxes here.

Grant Profiles Access to an Object

The next step is to make sure Sadia has access (and easy access at that) to the IdeasCustom Object. Still on the Senior Account Coordinator Profile, there’s a few steps to grant Sadia the access she needs.

Firstly, scroll to the Custom Object Permissions section and grant her the required permissions over the Ideas Custom Object, as seen below (she will need to view all Ideas as well).

Wonderful! She can now see the Idea records… but how can she access them? We need to ensure she has access to the Tab as well! Scroll to the Tab Settings section and set her Ideas Tab to Default On.

Don’t forget to save your Profile changes!

Granting Multiple Profiles Access to Fields

Sadia requires access to the custom fields on the Ideas Custom Object that were not deployed correctly from your Sandbox by the previous Administrator. There are two ways you could do this:

  1. Go to each field and edit its FLS directly.
  2. Edit the FLS of the Ideas Custom Object for each individual Profile.

Both are good options, it just depends on which one makes more sense. If there’s lots of fields, but only one or two Profiles that need them, go for Option 2. If there’s a small handful of fields, but it needs to be applied to 20 Profiles, it’s best to go with Option 1.

Editing FLS on Individual Fields

From Setup, navigate to the Object Manager, then to the Ideas Custom Object. Here we’ll see a number of fields that sit on the Ideas Custom Object.

Click on the first Custom Field that requires the FLS to be updated, then click Set Field-Level Security.

From here, we can see that all the checkboxes on this field are blank. This is because it was pushed from Sandbox without any change to the existing Profiles. Tick the Visiblebox next to the Senior Account Coordinator and Account Coordinator Profiles to ensure they both have access.

Editing Object FLS from the Profile

Navigate to the Profile you want to give access to the fields. Scroll to the Field-Level Security section and click View next to the Idea Custom Object. Notice that the Custom Fields on this object have not been ticked as yet, but that’s where you come in! Click Editand grant access to those fields, and repeat the process for each Profile that needs this.

Congratulations! You’ve helped Sadia and her team get a headstart!

There's so much to understand when it comes to managing security and permissions inside of Salesforce. In this article, we work alongside ACME's new Salesforce Administrator. They must assist the new Senior Account Coordinator, Sadia, who has just joined the business. It's a new position and will require a new Profile to be created.

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