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Ausbuild’s vision was to design and develop a new website that reflected the company's professional standards, high-quality product, customer-focus and extremely capable one-stop store; Home and Land provider.

A Digital Transformation

Working alongside the Ausbuild team, we are extremely proud to have delivered on the project goal - to design and develop a new website that reflected the company's standards, services and products. is a lead generating, UX focused website that is powered by a creditable tech stack: Salesforce CRM, Heroku and Craft CMS. The site is integrated with Pardot and REA/Domain. And, includes a number of standout features such an interactive Masterplan and Floorplans, ability to Compare/Favourite properties, dynamic content and more. We’re pretty excited to see this project come to life and continue to evolve!

Our scope of work covered the following activities and deliverables:

  • Digital discovery
  • Site architecture (site map)
  • Wireframes
  • Website design - desktop and mobile
  • Digital brand extension - formatting style sheet
  • Website development and implementation
  • CMS: Craft
  • Third-party integrations - Salesforce CRM and Pardot
  • Marketing assets: PDF generation, Email (transactional and campaign) templates etc.
  • Major and minor website features e.g. interactive Masterplan, interactive Home Options Floorplan, etc
  • Integration with REA and Domain

“Working with Liquid’s team of multidisciplinary specialists, we have been guided and given excellent advice from Design UX, Development technical feasibility and Salesforce consultation/implementation. From project start, delivery and beyond, Liquid has exceeded our expectations. We’re very proud of the outcome and look forward to future digital achievement together.”

Nathan Senti | Information Systems Manager


Comparing November 2020 to November 2019.


Increase in sessions


Increase in page views


Increase in users


Increase in Organic Search


Increase in Direct traffic

These are pretty good stats if we do say so ourselves.


By proceeding with a digital discovery phase, we were able to look at the project in its entirety. Allowing us to map out all requirements, research, investigate and set benchmarks.

An integral part of the project was the third-party integrations. At the heart, Salesforce CRM was to be the "single source of truth". Allowing us to push information and property listings to the website and REA/Domain. Ultimately, this has saved the Ausbuild team thousands of hours double handing content and eliminating human error.

The website has a large amount of content and required a complex navigation structure. We proceeded with the site architecture map, followed by low/high fidelity wireframes, prior to starting on design.



Reflecting Ausbuild's brand identity and with their target market personas in mind. The aim was to achieve soft and feminine styling, with an assertive yet approachable design aesthetic. We have kept the layout clean, minimal, with lots of white space allowing Ausbuild’s products and Communities to be the focus and maintaining the integrity of the Ausbuild brand. The hierarchy of type and elements, enables the user to manoeuvre through the site with ease.

Personalisation is a key design feature. Incorporating the brand handwritten font, images & videos of people/families and agent profile images throughout the larger design. Including imagery with people or natural elements (fruits, trees, etc) gives the brand a more human feel and as a result making it more approachable.

Incorporating movement was important to the overall design project delivery. We delivered a number of video snippets throughout to assist direct and engage the user on their journey and overall, elevate their experience.


Whoooo, are we proud of this build! Complex, but beautiful to see this code seamlessly come together. A few highlights include:

  • Leads pushing and pulling from REA/Domain directly to Salesforce
  • Dynamic Floorplan configuration driven by Salesforce
  • Interactive, Salesforce-controlled Home Designs and Options.
  • PDF generation
  • Compare & Favourites features
  • Comprehensive Blog with categories/tags
  • Lead generation: Insights email sign-up and site pop-ups
  • Contact Us/Enquiry forms linking to sales consultants
  • Home Design and House & Land package pages built directly from Salesforce


With the power of Pardot Marketing Automation, we are able to evaluate incredible insights as to how Ausbuild's users interact with the website and marketing efforts. Moving forward, we are continuing to use Pardot to further personalise the user experience and ultimately, drive enquiries and sales.

We’re excited to see evolve as we continue to assist in further refining this solution and introducing new features.

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