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Customizable Business Hours with Pardot

05 Mar 2019 | 2 min read

Customizable Business Hours with Pardot

Pardot has just released a feature we've been waiting on for quite some time: Customizable Business Hours.

Previously, "Business Hours" were hardcoded to 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday. So you could choose to send your Engagement Program within this timeframe... or not.

Now we've got complete control over exactly when we want our campaigns to be sent. This is especially pertinent for the property industry: we send a lot of campaigns for "open for inspections" and events that need to go out over the weekend.

Here is how it looks with Pardot:

customizable business hours with pardot

Not only can we define the exact business hours we want, we can also set the time zone - this is great when we have State-specific campaigns to go out e.g. Targeting a Western Australian audience versus a Queensland audience.

The "Day Start" option is very important: we get some of our best open rates with email campaigns that go out at 7am as people tend to read their emails in bed, over breakfast or on their daily commute. We can now set the Engagement Program to go out at 7am whereas previously, it would go out at 10am.

If you would like any more information on this new feature, don't hesitate to contact us - our Pardot consultants are listed below.

Say Hello to Our Salesforce and Pardot Consultants

Mark Lowe - Pardot Consultant

Mark is a certified Pardot Consultant.

He has also worked with the Sales Cloud CRM for almost 10 years now.

Having been involved with digital agencies in both Australia and Europe, he has an unique insight into the needs of B2B clients in terms of their sales and marketing needs.

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