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Understanding 'An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow' Message in Salesforce CRM

07 Feb 2019 | 3 min read

Understanding 'An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow' Message in Salesforce CRM

The Problem: Unhandled Fault Error!

Aaah! We’ve tried to clear the Account Name value from an Opportunity and are getting hit with an error message saying that an unhandled fault has occurred. What does that even mean?

Usually, we can grab an Id and whack it at the end of our URL to see where the problem is originating, but in this case we see yet another error!

So, what's our solution?

Open Flow Designer

Step 1. Make sure you’re in Salesforce Classic as this won’t work in Lightning.

Step 2. Navigate to Setup and enter Flow Designer by searching ‘Flows’ in Quick Find.

Step 3. Open any existing Flow (If you haven’t got a Flow yet, click New Flow).

Step 4. Note the address in your browser’s URL bar.

For existing Flows, it looks like:


For new Flows, it looks like:


The important part here is what comes after the designer.apexp part - this is where you can specify the Id of the Flow. This is where you can paste in the Id from your error message.

Identifying a Flow vs a Process

If you see a messy cluster of Flow elements, it is likely you’ve come across a Process. Navigate to Process Builder and find the Process with the same name.

If you come across a well designed Flow, that’s it! You’ve found your Flow!

Diagnose Your Issue

Now that you’ve found your Flow or Process, diagnose the problem!

In my case, I was trying to remove the reference to the Account on an Opportunity record. This value is referenced within my Process, and so is failing. Your issue will likely be different

Blaze Your Own Trail!

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