19th Jan 2015

Welcome to our new blog on all things digital!

by: Mark Lowe

We've got a confession to make: we haven't been doing our job.

Yes, we've been busy making what we believe are great websites for our clients. And we've also been working on some exciting internal projects - more on that in a future post.

But we haven't been doing our job. We haven't been doing what we keep telling our clients to do with their own websites.

Client: How do I get my site ranked on Google?
Us: Create fresh, engaging content on your site!

So Liquid's New Year Resolution, if a company can have one, was to add a blog to our newly revamped agency website and to start creating articles that would benefit our clients, partners and website visitors.

Here's what we plan to write about:

  • The world of online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Industry news relating to the web and digital landscape
  • What we are up to as a digital agency including events we attend
  • And the occassional post regarding what work we've just launched


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Mark Lowe

Director of Liquid Agency