19th Aug 2017

Perth Salesforce User Group has been Relaunched

by: Jodi Church

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I had the pleasure as the Perth Salesforce User Group Leader to organise the relaunch of the Perth Salesforce User Group.  After not having one in over a year, I wanted to address the reasons and purpose of a user group, along with the benefits of attending one. So if you are an existing Salesforce customer, or contemplating purchasing Salesforce for your organisation, please read on.

The Purpose

Firstly, the purpose.  If you are new to Salesforce, maybe you have just started a new job and your company uses Salesforce, or your organisation may have decided to purchase Salesforce and it's new to everyone, it will be important to understand how to gain the best value out of your investment and to understand the capabilities.  This is so that you don't spend money unecessarily on other products and services when Salesforce could actually accomodate a solution for you.

Salesforce is a great solution out of the box, and I can vouch for the fact you will get more value out of it when you understand how other companies are using it.  Importantly, gaining a solid ROI and being able to have visibility of that ROI is something you can easily extract out of Salesforce.


The Benefits of Attending

By engaging with real people, face-to-face, and bringing your laptop along to a user group, you can actually ask how you do something! It is perfectly acceptable as there will be plenty of people willing to help you.

A user group is a fantastic way of learning first-hand about Salesforce training happening in your town and around the world if you're travelling. It's important to understand new product updates and what that can potentially mean to your productivity and revenue.  

You'll also come across other companies or not-for-profit organisations, in the same/similar industries that attend, and it has proven to be an effective eye opener to generate new innovative ways for your own organisation and role using Salesforce.

Salesforce support these events so they are authentic and provide yet another way to continue the customers' success.


If you haven't yet, I suggest you jump on over to success.salesforce.com and search for your local user group.

And feel free to connect with me on the Success Community if you have any questions!


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Jodi Church

Jodi is Liquid's Business Analyst, specialising in Salesforce and Pardot marketing automation