24th Jan 2018

Pardot Tips/Tricks/Gotchas: SSL for Vanity Domains

by: Tim Combridge

Towards the end of 2017 I had a number of clients come to me and ask how to enable SSL on their Vanity Domain, and I had to disappoint them by saying they'd need to revert to go.pardot.com if they wanted to do so. Luckily, Pardot has just announced that as of February 1 you'll be able to set up SSL for your vanity domains as well. This increases customer trust and allows you to unify your brand across all of your secure content. 

To read more, check out 'Introducing SSL for Vanity Domains' from Pardot's blog. 

Update Feb 12, 2018: SSL Vanity Domains are now available 



Tim Combridge

Tim is Liquid's Lead Salesforce Consultant