22nd Jan 2018

Pardot Tips/Tricks/Gotchas: Opportunity Name Character Limit (50)

by: Tim Combridge

We were recently working with a client who was setting up an Automation Rule in Pardot based on the Opportunity's Name value. As we all know, Prospects' related Opportunities are pushed from Salesforce to Pardot in a read-only format, but they get pushed into Pardot all the same and Rule Criteria can be set up according to values on these records. The client's rule looked perfect:

Prospect opportunity default field - name - contains - BUY

So, naturally, you'd expect Jeffrey Stephens' Salesforce Opportunity would meet these requirements, because we identify him as 'BUY' in the Opportunity name. 

J Stephens Opportunity Salesforce



As I discovered alongside my client, it turns out the Opportunity Name field in Pardot has a character limit of 50! I did a bit of research and couldn't find much at all in the way of this character limit! 

Therefore, my Pardot Opportunity record looks a little bit different.

This means that the perfectly good Automation Rule that my client had set up was not functioning as expected. 

Beware this obscure character limit!


Tim Combridge

Tim is Liquid's Lead Salesforce Consultant