7th Jul 2017

A New Australian Fresco Unveiled at TAEC | Video Interview and Time-lapse

by: Bernardine McLean

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A four month time-lapse and video interview from local artist Eolo Paul Bottaro's 'Udepata - The Gathering Place' 

Liquid has worked closely with The Australian Events Centre to produce a video interview and time-lapse, documenting the artist's rigorous 4 month process of the fresco.
We are proud to deliver: 

  • Storyboarding
  • Timelapse Video
  • Video Art Direction
  • Videography and editing 
  • Interview with the artist 

Dedicated to famous Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira, Eolo Paul Bottaro has created a new fresco for Essendon Fields in Melbourne over the course of four months. Permanently displayed at The Australian Events Centre, the artwork stands at 4m (h) x 3.5m (w) at the centre's foyer. 

The fresco technique is extremely difficult to achieve, and is particularly rare within Australia. A popular form of painting, the fresco is achieved through applying a new piece of plaster daily before it dries. The pure alkaline-resistant pigments are then applied to the wet plaster, which bonds to the wall.

This project represented a unique opportunity which was too appealing to refuse because it combined a very traditional European painting technique with something that was so Australian, given the scene is the iconic Udepata waterhole in Central Australia


The Australian Events Centre specifically engineered the wall within The State Room in order to cater for the fresco process, as it cannot be applied to just any surface. The name Udepata - The Gathering Place comes from one of the main waterholes in central Australia, Namatjira, where it depicts the Ellery Creek Big Hole. Udepata is the Aboriginal name for the waterhole, it has an iconic location that people come to visit, and is also a permanent source of water for the Arrarnta people. 



Bernardine McLean

Creative Director